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Information on the academic and restoration projects we are involved with at the Centre for Tibetan and Himalayan Studies


Trans Himalaya, under the direction of Dr Gyurme Dorje, a Tibetologist and Tibet travel writer, organise travel throughout the Tibetan plateau, as well as in Mongolia, China and the Himalayas (Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, and Ladakh).

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Central Tibet looking for a simple itinerary, or an experienced Tibet traveller planning an overland journey, trek or expedition in Ngari, Kham or Amdo, Trans Himalaya are the specialists, with a strong client base in the Americas, Europe, SE Asia, Australia and South Africa.

Perhaps you are seeking a uniquely personal experience, or a private tour of Tibet, escorted by a Tibetologist. Perhaps you wish to meet teachers representing the various Buddhist traditions, to attend local festivals, to be hosted by Tibetan villagers and nomads in their own environment, to carry out original academic research or fieldwork, to drive your own vehicle across the plateau, or to work on ecological and cultural regeneration projects. Whatever your interests, Trans Himalaya can offer exclusive access and unrivalled inside knowledge, born of forty-five years experience in the Tibetan and Himalayan world. Our prices are very competitive, taking into consideration the specialist knowledge we impart and the original experiences we share.


Grand Cultural Tour of Tibet

This popular route includes four of the historic capitals— Lhasa , Sakya, Tsetang and Zhigatse, replete with monasteries, temples and palaces, encapsulating Tibet ’s artistic and spiritual heritage. It follows the overland route to Nepal, detouring to Mt Everest base camp.

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Grand Cultural Tour of Bhutan

Traversing the mid-mountain belt of Bhutan, from west to east, this extensive itinerary introduces the Buddhist culture of the Drukpa Kagyu and Nyingma traditions in the spectacular hermitages, monasteries and fortresses of Paro, Bumthang, Mongar and Tashi Yangtse.

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Mt Kailash and Guge Kingdom: Vaishakh Full Moon Pilgrimage

This rugged pilgrimage to the axis mundi of the Indo-Tibetan world follows the Brahmaputra upstream towards its source, before crossing into Ngari-- the region of Farwest Tibet, where ancient Bon and Buddhist civilzations meet. All paths lead to Darpoche-- the great flagpole-- at the start of the official pilgrimage season, coinciding with the full moon of the fourth lunar month.

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Buddhist Heritage of Nepal and India

Buddhist Heritage of Nepal and India

Starting from the great stupas of the Kathmandu valley, this itinerary follows in the footsteps of the historical buddha, Shakyamuni, commencing from his birthplace (Lumbini) and continuing through Bodh Gaya, where he attained buddhahood, Varanasi , Rajgir, Vaishali and Shravasti where he taught the dharma, and Kushinagar where he passed away.

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Kham & Amdo Travel

Experience unique life-changing journeys, riding and trekking with Trans Himalaya's Khampa crew.

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Land-cruising and Motorbiking in Tibet

Enter and exit through Nepal, Laos, Mongolia, China or Central Asia.

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The Tibetan plateau, with an area as large as Western Europe, embodies in its landscape, peoples and traditions a tremendous diversity and richness which cannot be assimilated in the course of a fleeting visit.

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Bhutan offers contrasting cultural and trekking experiences, from the mid-mountain belt, where Buddhist monasteries maintain their living traditions, to remote northern valleys nestling below the Great Himalayan range, and the national parks of the subtropical Duars in the south.

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Comprehensive and detailed guides to the cultural sites, festivals, trekking routes, and nature reserves of Tibet and Bhutan. Translations of original sources on Tibetan Buddhism, medicine, art, divination, ecology and lexicography.

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Trans Himalaya and CTHS are committed to highlighting awareness of environmental issues on the Tibetan plateau. While sustainable tourism is championed in Bhutan through the official socio-economic objectives of Gross National Happiness (GNH), elsewhere in the region the issues are more challenging.

For a Buddhist response to the global climate emergency, Read more

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