Destination: Bhutan


Dwarfed by its great neighbours India and Tibet, and only one third the size of Nepal, Bhutan is nonetheless slightly larger than Switzerland. Trans Himalaya offer a number of contrasting cultural and trekking itineraries throughout the country. Visit the temperate mid-mountain belt of Paro, Thimphu, Bumtang, and Lhuntse, where vitally important monasteries and temples of the Tibetan Buddhist world have maintained their living traditions untainted by the devastation of the Cultural Revolution. Trek through the pristine alpine valleys of northern Bhutan, bordering Tibet, dominated by the Himalayan peaks of Jomolhari, Gangkar Punsum and Kulha Kangri. Explore the densely populated southern districts of the subtropical Duars Plain.

Trans Himalaya's tour programme features the core itineraries recommended and described in detail in Gyurme Dorje's Bhutan Handbook (Footprint Handbooks, first edition, 2004). We also specialise in customised expeditions and tours, which can be organised anywhere in Bhutan to suit individual requirements.




Heartlands of Drukyul

  • Departures: May - Sept
  • 7 days of touring

Cultural Trekking in Bumtang

  • Departures: May - Sept
  • 14 days of touring

Grand Cultural Tour of Bhutan

  • Departures: May - Sept
  • 20 days of touring

Fortresses and Buddhist festivals of Bhutan

  • Departures: 17th Oct
  • 22 days of touring

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