Destination: Mongolia


Though a mere fraction of the once illustrious empire forged by Genghis Qan, the republic of Outer Mongolia is among the world's most sparsely populated regions. Its landscapes seem to stretch into infinity, from steppe to desert, with pristine lakes, rugged mountains and hospitable nomadic communities. Ulan Baatar, the Mongolian capital located in the Tuul Gol river valley, has many attractions: the Bogdo Khan Palace Museum, the Winter Palace of Jetsun Dampa Qutuqtu, Gandan Thekchoking Monastery, the Fine Art's Museum and the Natural History Museum, the National History Museum, and the Museum of Mongolian Religion, which was formerly the residence of Choijin Lama.

Trans Himalaya offer a seven day circuit through the Gobi Desert, traversing four provinces: Tov (Central), Dundgov (Middle Gobi), Omnogov (South Gobi) and Ovorkhangai (South Khangai). Each of these areas has its distinctive attractions:

Tov is the hinterland of the capital city,

Dundgov has spectacular rock formations at Baga Gazriin Chuluu.

Omnogova contains the Gurvansaikhan National Park with its perennial valley of ice (Yolyn Am) and many endangered species including the Gobi bear and the snow leopard- along with. Bayanzag, the most renowned dinosaur site of Central Asia, and the spectacular Khongoriin Els sand dunes.

Ovorkhangai has some of the country's largest lakes, such as Taatsiin White Lake in the south of the province. Further north lies Karakorum- the site of Mongolia's original capital and Erdene Zuu Monastey, which is the county's most important national heritage site.




Cultural Highlights of Mongolia and the South Gobi Desert (10 days)

An excellent introduction to the nomadic and Buddhist culture of Outer Mongolia, with an empasis on the natural history of the Gobi

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