Destination: Tibet


The Tibetan plateau, with an area as large as Western Europe, embodies in its landscape, peoples and traditions a tremendous diversity and richness which cannot be assimilated in the course of a fleeting visit. The Trans Himalaya tour programme, in recognition of this diversity, offers the adventure traveller a series of unique overland routes across the plateau - from the sacred Mount Kailash in the arid far-west to the low-lying trading town of Dartsedo in the east, from the forested river gorges and nomadic grasslands of Kham to the rolling mountain pastures of Golok and the fabled Lake Kokonor, gateway to Mongolia in the north-east.

Trans Himalaya's tour programme features the core itineraries recommended and described in detail in Gyurme Dorje's Tibet Handbook (Footprint Handbooks, first edition, 1996, second edition, 1999, third edition, 2004, fourth edition 2009). We also specialise in customised expeditions and tours, which can be organised anywhere in Tibet to suit individual requirements.




Grand Cultural Tour of Tibet

  • Departures: May - Oct
  • 13 days of touring

Cultural Heritage of Tibet, with the Ganden-Samye trek

  • Departures: May - Sept
  • 17 days of touring & trekking
  • From $3,965 (land only)

Sacred Dances and Nomadic Festivals of Eastern Tibet

  • Departures: 13th July
  • 25 days of touring
  • Accompanied by a Trans Himalaya Tibetologist
  • From $7,386 (land only)

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