China & Mongolia Tours

Suggested Routes

1. Classic China and Tibet (16 days)

The most renowned sights of Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Kunming and Guilin are here combined with a five day visit to the Tibetan cities of Lhasa, Zhigatse, and Gyantse.

D1/2 Beijing ( Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Ming Tombs ), D3 Beijing-Xian ( City Sightseeing ), D4 Xian ( Terracotta Warriors ), D5 Xian-Chengdu ( Dufu Cottage) , D6 Chengdu ( Han Irrigation System ), D7 Chengdu-Lhasa ( Norbulingka ), D8 Lhasa ( Potala, Jokhang ), D9 Lhasa-Zhigatse ( Tashilhunpo ), D10 Zhigatse-Gyantse ( Zhalu ), D11 Gyantse-Gongkar ( Gyantse Kumbum ), D12 Gongkar-Chengdu-Kunming, D13 Kunming ( Nationalities Park ), D14 Kunming-Guilin ( Grottoes ), D15 Guilin ( Li River Cruise ), D16 Departure

2. Scenic Mt. Hapa Gangri (12 days)

Drive from Kunming through Dali and Lijiang, to explore the Yangtze rapids at Tiger Leaping Gorge and trek above the base camp of Mount Hapa Gangri, where there are three scenic lakes.

D1 Arrive Kunming, D2 Kunming-Dali, D3 Dali- Tiger Leaping Gorge, D4 Tiger leaping Gorge- Hapa Gangri Base Camp (trekking), D5 Hapa Gangri Camp I (trekking), D6 Camp I- Base Camp (trekking), D7 Visit three scenic lakes, D8 Base Camp- Tiger Leaping Gorge, D9 Tiger Leaping Gorge- Lijiang (Visit ancient city and attend Naxi Music Performance), D10 Lijiang-Chuxiong (Yangtze Valley), D11 Chuxiong-Kunming (Visit Nationalities Museum), D12 Departure

3. Mt. Gaoligong Nature Reserve (9 days)

Drive from Kunming via Dali into the Mount Gaoligong area, where there are hot springs and a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

D1 Arrive Kunming, D2 Kunming-Dali, D3 Dali- Mt. Gaoligong (Baihualin Holiday Village), D4/6 Survey rich flora, fauna, and hot springs of Mt. Gaoligong, D7 Baihualin-Dali, D8 Dali-Kunming, D9 Departure

4. Dulong River Canyon (18 days)

Drive from Kunming through Dali to cross the Mekong at Liuku and then trek for nine days through the Salween gorge.

D1 Arrive Kunming, D2 Kunming-Dali, D3 Dali- Liuku (Mekong Traverse), D4 Liuku-Gongshan (Salween Gorge), D5 Gongshan-Qiqi (trekking 20 km), D6 Qiqi-Dulongjiang (trekking, 30 km), D7 Dulongjiang-Lapei (trekking, 20 km), D8 Lapei-Lianghekou (trekking, 15 km), D9 Lianghekou-Mt. Gemalaka (trekking, 15 km), D10 Mt. Gemalaka-Namukeng (trekking, 20 km), D11 Namukeng-Binzhongluo (trekking, 8 km), D12 Binzhongluo-Shanda (trekking, 25 km), D13 Shanda-Gongshan (trekking, 25 km), D14 Gongshan-Liuku, D15 Liuku-Dali, D16 Dali-Kunming, D17 Kunming, D18 Departure

5. Cultural Highlights of Mongolia and the South Gobi Desert (10 days)

An excellent introduction to the nomadic and Buddhist culture of Outer Mongolia, with an empasis on the natural history of the Gobi

D1 Arrive Ulan Baatar, D2 Ulan Baatar- Baga Gazriin Chuluu, D3 Baga Gazriin Chuluu-Gimpil Darjaalan Khild Monastery- Bayanzag-Juulchin Gobi, D4 Juulchin Gobi-Yolyn Am Valley-Khongoriin Els Sand Dunes, D5 Khongoriin Els-Taatsiin White Lake, D6 Taatsiin White Lake- Arvaikheer-Khujirt Spa- Karakorum, D7 Karakorum-Erdene Zuu Monastery--Moltsog Els, D8 Moltsog Els-Ukan Baatar, D9 Ulan Baatar, D10 Departure




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