Grand Tibet Tours

Suggested Routes

1. Cultural Tour of Central, Southern and Western Tibet (16 days)

Arrive in Lhasa and drive overland to Nepal, visiting the great capitals of Tibet, past and present, at Lhasa, Tsetang, Zhigatse, and Sakya, along with monasteries of all Buddhist traditions.

D1 Arrive Lhasa, D2-6 Lhasa, D7 Lhasa-Samye-Tsetang, D8 Visit Chongye Tombs, Tradruk and Yumbu Lagang, D9 Tsetang-Mindroling-Gyantse, D10 Gyantse-Zhalu-Zhigatse, D11 Zhigatse, D12 Zhigatse-Sakya, D13 Sakya- Everest Base Camp-Dzarongpu, D14 Dzarongpu-Zhigatse, D15 Zhigatse-Lhasa, D16 Lhasa-Gongkar-fly Kathmandu.

2. Gorges and Monasteries of Eastern Kham (27 days)

Ascend Mount Emei, sacred abode of Chinese Buddhism, and then drive into Kham, through the Gyarong, Yalong, and Yangtze valleys, to visit the great monasteries of Litang, Batang, Pelyul, Katok, Dzongsar, Derge, Dzokchen, Kandze and Sertar.

D1 Arrive Chengdu D2 Chengdu-Mt. Emei, D3 Mt. Emei-Leshan, D4 Leshan-Dartsedo, D5 Dartsedo-Litang, D6 Litang, D7 Litang-Batang, D8 Batang-Pelyul, D9 Visit Pelyul Monastery, D10 Pelyul-Katok Monastery, D12 Katok-Dzongsar, D13 Visit Pema Shelphuk, D14 Dzongsar-Derge, D15 Derge, D16 Derge-Dzokchen, D17 Visit Dzokchen Monastery, D18 Dzokchen-Zhechen Monastery, D19 Zhechen-Ckatsa Gon-Kandze, D20 Visit Kandze Monastery and market, D21 Kandze-Tongkor Neri-Sertar D22 Sertar, D23 Sertar-Drango, D24 Drango-Bame, D25 Bame-Wolong Panda Reserve, D26 Wolong-Chengdu, D27 Departure

3. Kunming to Lhasa Overland (20 days)

Entering southern Kham from the homeland of the Bai and Naxi nationalities at Dali and Lijiang, visit the temple sanctuary and glaciers of Mt Kawa Karpo and then drive through the scenic Mekong and Yu-chu valleys to Chamdo and via the forests of Po-me and Kongpo to Lhasa.

D1 Arrive Kunming, D2 Kunming-Dali, D3 Dali-Lijiang, D4 Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Gyeltang, D5 Gyeltang-Dechen, D6 Visit Gangri Kawa Karpo, D7 Dechen-Tsakalho, D8 Tsakalho-Markham, D9 Markham-Dzogang, D10 Dzogang-Chamdo, D11 Chamdo, D12 Chamdo-Pasho, D13 Pasho-Po-me, D14 Po-me-Nyangtri, D15 Nyangtri-Draksum Lake, D16 Draksum Lake- Lhasa, D17/19 Lhasa, D20 Departure

4. Mt Kailash and Gu-ge Kingdom (26 days)

This arduous pilgrimage follows the overland route from Nepal, taking time to acclimatise near Mount Everest, before driving through the Jangtang Plateau in Northern Tibet to reach the ancient civilisation of the upper Indus and Sutlej valleys around Toling and Tsaparang, and then onwards to the sacred axis mundi Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

D1 Kathmandu-fly Gongkar-Lhasa, D2 Lhasa, D3 Lhasa- Zhigatse, D4 Zhigatse-Sakya, D5 Sakya-Zangzang, D6 Zangzang-Tsochen, D7 Tsochen-Gertse, D8 Gertse-Gegye, D9 Gegye-Senge Khabab, D10 Senge Khabab-Toling, D11 Toling (Piyang, Dungkar), D12 Toling-Guge-Toling, D13 Toling-Tirthapuri-Gurugyam-Darchen, D14/17 Kailash Circuit-Lake Manasarovar, D18/20 Lake Manasarovar, D21 Lake Manasarovar- Saga, D22 Saga-Zhigatse, D23 Zhigatse- Gyantse, D24 Gyantse- Lhasa, D25 Lhasa, D26 Departure.

5. Upper Kyi-chu Valley (15 days)

A short drive through the Kyi-chu valley north-east of Lhasa, visiting the Yerpa and Zhoto Tidro cave hermitages, along with the great monasteries of Lhasa, Taklung, Reting, Drigung, and Ganden, and the historic temples of Uruzhva, Katsel, and Gyama.

D1 Arrive Lhasa, D2-5 Lhasa, D6 Lhasa-Yerpa, D7 Yerpa-Taklung, D8 Taklung-Reting, D9 Reting-Zhoto Tidro, D10 Zhoto Tidro, D11 Zhoto Tidro-Drigung-Zhoto Tidro, D12 Zhoto Tidro-Uruzhva-Katsel-Gyama, D13 Gyama-Ganden-Lhasa, D14 Lhasa, D15 Departure

6. Brahmaputra Gorges and the Salween/ Mekong Traverse (19 days)

Arrive in Lhasa and then drive south-eastwards through the forests of Kongpo and Po-me to Chamdo at the heart of Kham, returning on the northern route via Riwoche Temple, the Bonpo monasteries of Tengchen, and the nomadic grasslands of Nakchu.

D1 Arrive Lhasa, D2-3 Lhasa, D4 Lhasa-Draksum Lake, D5 Draksum Lake-Buchu Temple, D6 Buchu-Timpei Caves, D7 Timpei-Nyangtri, D8 Nyangtri-Po-me, D9 Po-me-Pasho, D10 Pasho-Chamdo, D11 Chamdo, D12 Chamdo-Riwoche, D13 Visit Riwoche Tsuklakhang, D14 Riwoche-Tengchen, D15 Visit Tengchen Monastery, D16 Tengchen-Sok Dzong, D17 Sok Dzong-Nakchu, D18 Nakchu-Tsurphu-Lhasa, D19 Departure.

7. Chengdu to Lhasa Overland (21 days)

This grand traverse of Tibet's mighty river gorges- Gyarong, Yalong, Yangtze, Mekong, Salween, and Brahmaputra, encompasses the length and breadth of Kham, visiting Dartsedo, Lhagang, Kandze, Derge, Chamdo, Kongpo, and Tsetang with their historic monasteries and fascinating markets.

D1 Arrive Chengdu, D2 Chengdu-Wolong, D3 Wolong-Dartsedo, D4 Dartsedo-Lhagang, D5 Lhagang-Drango, D6 Drango-Kandze, D7 Kandze, D8 Kandze-Derge, D9 Derge-Jomda, D10 Jomda-Chamdo, D11 Chamdo, D12 Chamdo-Pasho, D13 Pasho-Po-me, D14 Po-me-Nyangtri, D15 Nyangtri-Menling, D16 Menling-Gyatsa, D17 Gyatsa-Tsetang, D18 Tsetang-Samye-Lhasa, D19-20 Lhasa, D21 Departure.

8. Lhasa to Lanzhou Overland (17 days)

Arrive in Lhasa and then drive north-eastwards through the nomadic grasslands of Nakchu and the wilderness of the Kunlun ranges to the fabled Lake Kokonor, and the cultural heartland of Amdo, visiting Kumbum, Repkong and Labrang monasteries.

D1 Arrive Lhasa, D2-4 Lhasa, D5 Lhasa-Nakchu, D6 Nakchu-Amdo, D7 Amdo-Toma, D8 Toma-Kermo, D9 Kermo-Kokonor Lake, D10 Kokonor Lake, D11 Kokonor Lake-Ziling, D12 Visit Kumbum Monastery, D13 Ziling-Repkong, D14 Repkong-Labrang, D15 Visit Labrang Monastery, D16 Labrang-Lanzhou, D17 Departure.

9. Kham and Amdo Overland (23 days)

A memorable journey from Chengdu to Lanzhou via the great Khampa monasteries of Dartsedo, Lhagang, Drango, Kandze, Dzokchen, Zhechen, Zhiwu, and Jyekundo, then crossing the rolling Bayankhala Hills and the Yellow River to reach the sacred Mt Amnye Machen in Golok, and the Amdo heartland around Lake Kokonor, Kumbum, Repkong and Labrang.

D1 Arrive Chengdu, D2 Chengdu, D3 Chengdu-Wolong Panda Reserve, D4 Wolong-Dartsedo, D5 Dartsedo-Lhagang, D6 Lhagang-Drango, D7 Drango-Kandze, D8 Kandze-Dzokchen, D9 Visit Dzokchen Monastery, D10 Dzokchen-Zhechen Monastery, D11 Zhechen-Zhiwu, D12 Zhiwu-Jyekundo, D13 Jyekundo, D14 Jyekundo-Mato, D15 Mato- Mt. Amnye Machen-Wenchuan, D16 Wenchuan-Chabcha-Kokonor Lake, D17 Kokonor Lake-Ziling, D18 Visit Kumbum Monastery, D19 Ziling-Repkong, D20 Repkong-Labrang, D21 Visit Labrang Monastery, D22 Labrang-Lanzhou, D23 Departure.

10. Golok and Gyarong Overland (22 days)

Drive from Lanzhou to Chengdu visiting the Amdo heartland around Labrang, Repkong, and Kumbum, before entering the rugged gorges of Golok, Ngawa, Dzamtang, Sertal and Gyarong, where monasteries of the Nyingmapa, Jonangpa, and Bonpo thrive.

D1 Arrive Lanzhou, D2 Lanzhou-Labrang, D3 Labrang-Repkong, D4 Repkong-Ziling, D5 Ziling-Kumbum-Chabcha, D6 Chabcha-Darlag, D7 Darlag-Tarthang Monastery, D8 Tarthang-Jigdril, D9 Jigdril-Ngawa, D10 Ngawa, D11 Ngawa-Barkham, D12 Barkham-Dzamtang, D13 Dzamtang, D14 Dzamtang-Sertal, D15 Sertal, D16 Sertal-Drango, D17 Drango-Lhagang, D18 Lhagang-Dartsedo, D19 Dartsedo-Tsenlha, D20 Tsenlha-Wolong Panda Reserve, D21 Wolong-Chengdu, D22 Departure.

11. Nature Parks of Amdo (24 days)

Driving overland from Chengdu to Lanzhou, admire the vibrant landscape of the national parks at Sertso (Huanglong) and Dzitsa Degu (Jiuzhaigou), visit the Amdo heartland around Labrang, Repkong, Kumbum and Kokonor, and trek to Mount Amnye Machen and Drakar Tredzong.

D1 Arrive Chengdu, D2 Chengdu, D3 Chengdu-Zungchu, D4 Zungchu-Sertso (Huanglong) Park, D5 Sertso-Dzitsa Degu (Jiuzhaigou) Park, D6 Visit Dzitsa Degu Park, D7 Dzitsa Degu-Dzoge, D8 Dzoge-Labrang, D9 Labrang-Repkong, D10 Repkong-Machen, D11 Machen-Xueshan, D12/14 Mt Amnye Machen, D15 Mt. Amnye Machen- Machen, D16 Machen-Tsogyenrawa, D17 Tsogyenrawa-Drakar Tredzong, D18 Visit Drakar Tredzong, D19 Drakar Tredzong-Chabcha, D20 Chabcha-Kokonor Lake, D21 Kokonor Lake-Ziling, D22 Visit Kumbum Monastery, D23 Ziling-Lanzhou, D24 Departure.



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