India & SE Asia Tours

Suggested Routes

1. A Buddhist Pilgrimage of Ancient India (20 days)

Visit the capital-in-exile of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan diaspora, followed by a north Indian & Nepal journey in the footsteps of Shakyamuni Buddha

D1 Delhi-Dharamsala, D2-3 Dharamsala, D4 Dharamsala - Pathankot-train Delhi, D5 Delhi-Lucknow -Shravasti , D6 Shravasti- Kushinagara, D7 K ushinagara , D8 Kushinagara-Varanasi , D9 Varanasi -Sarnath-Varanasi, D10 Varanasi, D11 Varanasi- Sasaram- Bodh Gaya, D12-14 Bodh Gaya , D15 Bodh Gaya-Rajgir , D16 Rajgir-Nalanda- Odantapuri-Vaishali- Patna , D17 Patna - fly Calcutta-Kathmandu, D18 Kathmandu-fly Bhairava-Lumbini, D19 Lumbini, D20 Lumbini-Kathmandu-Exit

2. Buddhist Heritage of South East Asia (15 days)

Visit the temples and monasteries of Thailand, Cambodia and Burma - exemplified by Ankhor Wat

D1 Bangkok, D2 Bangkok-Ayuthaya, D3 Ayuthaya-Narai Raja Nives Palace-Sukhothai, D4 Sukhotha fly Bangkok, D5 Bangkok-fly Siem Reap-Angkhor Wat, D6 Angkhor Wat, D7 Angkhor Wat-Siem Reap-fly Phnom Penh, D8 Phnom Penh, D9 Pnom Penh-fly Bangkok-Yangon, D10 Yangon-fly Mandalay, D11 Mandalay-boat Bagan, D12 Bagan, D13 Bagan -fly Yangon, D14 Yangon, D15 Yangon-fly Bangkok-Exit

3. Cultural Heritage of Vietnam and Laos (17 days)

Combines the temple cities of vientiane and Kuan prabang on the banks of the Mekong in landlocked Laos, with the eastern seaboard of Vietnam, which has been exposed to diverse cultural influences - Chinese, Cham, and French among them.

D1 Bangkok-fly Hanoi, D2 Hanoi, D3 Hanoi-Haiphong-boat Catba, D4 Catba-Hanoi, D5 Hanoi-fly Hue, D6 Hue, D7 Hue-Hoi An, D8 Hoi An- Nga Trang, D9 Nga Trang, D10 Nga Trang-fly Saigon, D11 Saigon- fly Vientiane, D12 Vientiane, D13 Vientiane-Luang Prabang, D14 Luang Prabang, D15 Luang Prabang-fly Bangkok, D16 Bangkok, D17 Exit




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