Short Tibet Tours

Suggested Routes

1. A Taste of Tibet (8 days)

An unforgettable first time encounter with the monasteries and palaces of Lhasa, Gyantse, Zhigatse and Sakya.

D1 Arrive Lhasa, D2/3 Lhasa, D4 Lhasa - Gyantse, D5 Gyantse - Zhigatse, D6 Zhigatse-Sakya, D7 Sakya - Lhasa, D8 Departure

2. Tibet Overland (8 days)

NB This route is not open at present owing to damage in the border area caused by the 2015 earthquake

Drive from Kathmandu through the Himalayas into the highland region of Lato, bypassing Mount Everest, and thence through Sakya, Zhigatse and Gyantse to Lhasa, returning by air.

D1 Dram - Dingri, D2 Dingri - Sakya, D3 Sakya - Gyantse, D4 Gyantse - Lhasa, D5-7 Lhasa, D8 Departure

3. Railroad to Lhasa (8 days)

Take the trans–Kunlun railway line from Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Chongqing, or Chengdu to Lhasa, and return by air.

D1 Board train, D2 Train through Central China & Amdo, D3 Arrive Lhasa, D4/6 Lhasa, D7 Lhasa-Samye-Tsetang, D8 Departure

4. Kongpo & Upper Kyichu (8 days)

Explore the forested glades and lakes of Kongpo, and the tidal lake Namtso on the fringe of the Jangtang Plateau

D1 Chengdu-fly Bayi (Lamaling), D2 Bayi-Draksum Lake, D3 Draksum Lake-Lhasa, D4-5 Lhasa, D6 Lhasa-Lake Namtso, D7 Lake Namtso-Tsurphu-Lhasa, D8 Departure

5. Tibet Discoverer (12 days)

This itinerary offers more time to explore the monasteries in and around the capital, along with those of Gyantse, Zhigatse, and Sakya.

D1 Arrive Lhasa, D2-5 Lhasa, D6 Lhasa - Gyantse, D7 Gyantse - Zhigatse, D8 Zhigatse, D9 Zhigatse - Sakya, D10 Sakya - Zhigatse, D11 Zhigatse - Lhasa D12 Departure



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