Tibet Handbook

by Gyurme Dorje

Footprint Handbooks / Passport Books
(first edition, 1996, second edition 1999, third edition 2004, fourth edition 2009)

This is the first ever comprehensive guidebook to the Tibetan plateau, including the heavily populated and culturally important areas of Kham, Amdo and Gyarong. It contains up-to-date practical information for travellers of all budgets, background information on Tibet’s topography, flora, fauna, history and culture, and detailed site descriptions of the counties forming the distinct geographical areas of the plateau: Lhasa, Central Tibet (Uru), Southern Tibet (Lhokha and Kongpo), Western Tibet (Tsang and Lato), Northern Tibet (Jangtang), Far-west Tibet (Ngari), Eastern Tibet (Kham), and Far-east Tibet (Amdo and Gyarong). Information is also provided on Bhutan and the five gateway cities from which the Tibetan plateau may be reached: Kathmandu, Chengdu, Kunming, Lanzhou and Kashgar.

Based on the author’s fieldwork undertaken over 50 visits to the Tibetan plateau, the text also includes an iconographic guide, a concordance of Tibetan and Chinese place names, a glossary of technical terms and a short Tibetan phrasebook. There is a series of computer generated regional maps, prepared by Michael Farmer (expanded and reproduced in colour in the second edition), and Health Information by Dr David Snashall.

Bhutan Handbook (first edition, 2004, second edition, 2010). A detailed guide to the monasteries, dzongs, festivals and terrain of Bhutan’s western, central and eastern regions, along with Himalayan trekking routes and diverse nature reserves.




"This Footprint Tibet Handbook gives a thorough treatment to the whole of Tibet. It includes maps, detailed descriptions of specific locations, a general introduction and practical information for visitors. I am confident it will fulfill a longstanding need. "
HH Dalai Lama

“This is the indispensable guide to Tibet-written with unrivalled practical knowledge and a profound understanding of Tibet’s ancient culture....a wonderful-and realistic- companion to the most extraordinary place on earth”
Michael Wood

"Great travelling companions, constantly entertaining and they know what they’re talking about."
Michael Palin

"Any attempt at understanding Tibetan geography was once a fool’s errand for a non-Tibetan, as no reliable books existed in English. This is no longer the case, thanks to the incredible work of a Westerner named Gyurme Dorje and his Tibet Handbook. No superlative seems excessive in praise of this book: anyone wanting to situate a Tibetan place-name in space and time must consult it first before searching out further details in a more specialized study, should one exist. And of course, no one should venture into Tibetan territory without it."
Ngawang Zangpo, Sacred Grounds

"This is the best guidebook on Tibet I have ever seen. It is also the most comprehensive, including the whole of Kham and Amdo, in addition to Nepal and Bhutan. "
Journal of Royal Society for Asian Affairs

"His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written the Foreword, in which he says, 'The Tibet Handbook gives a thorough treatment to the whole of Tibet…I am confident it will fulfil a long-standing need.' I would like to echo his statement and to congratulate Gyurme Dorje and Footprint Handbooks on such an excellent publication. This is the definitive guidebook to Tibet, past and present."
Tibet Society

"Gyurme Dorje has written the only modern guidebook covering all of Tibet, from Ngari in the west to the eastern Kham and Amdo borders with China… The book gracefully synthesizes material on history, culture, religious practices, and practical information, along with sketch maps, town plans and monastery layouts. He is the only author who makes extensive use of Tibetan place-names, always avoiding more commonly known Chinese names for Tibetan names."
Tibet Aktuell

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